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Ad Campaigns

From 2013-2015 I was the creative director/president of my school’s FBLA chapter (Future Business Leaders of America). In that position, I created all advertising materials for the group and any events that we hosted. (Click on any image to enlarge.)

FBLA 2014-2015

The set of posters below was used to advertise the first informational meeting of the year. We printed the main poster out on one sheet of paper, and then the accompanying person on a separate sheet. Each person was then cut out and attached to the posters, creating unexpected shapes that helped them stand out from the dozens of rectangular posters plastered over the school.

Talent Show 2014

This is a sample of various promotional materials I designed relating to a school-wide talent show hosted by FBLA. This was the first year of the event, and we raised over $1,000.

FBLA 2013-2014

This was my first year with FBLA, and I made an effort to rebrand the group as less stodgy to attract more members. The first item is a brochure we handed out at orientation before the school year began.