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Walking Through the Clouds

Walking Through the Clouds Cover

Walking Through the Clouds is a collection of 10 short stories, each complimented by low-poly style artwork. It is 63 pages of 6"x9" full-color, original art with intriguing, Twilight Zone-esque stories that'll leave you thinking long after you close the book.

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(Note: I wouldn't recommend this for young children. In my personal opinion, high school and above should be fine, maybe even middle school, but that is an opinion. Some of the stories might be disturbing for young children, though language and explicit subject matter are not present.)

Why is this on The Book Patch instead of Amazon? It's a long story. Essentially, when you upload files to have a paperback book printed through Amazon, it won't let you proceed if it thinks you have images outside the margins. Because of the nature of Walking Through the Clouds, it simply wasn't working even though everything should have been fine. Ultimately, I decided it wasn't a big deal and found a different place to have it printed. Sorry if it's inconvenient!

The Story Behind the Stories

Starting when I was six, I made a book every year for my family. It started as a little picture book about my cat, and each year got a little more complex, such as a three year series of novelas about books coming to life. We printed them at home, then got them spiral bound. I didn’t make one for a few years when I stopped writing regularly, but my sophomore year of college I decided to put some of the best stories I’d written over the past few years together for a Christmas book. I’d also just switched my major to convergent media, so I decided to illustrate it in order to get more familiar with the software.

The result was Walking Through the Clouds. I had all of the stories already written, so I mainly focused on the artwork and some minor editing. The art, however... that was an adventure. I decided I wasn’t going to use a single picture from the internet - not even if it was something as basic as the outline of a gun. The book is filled with silhouetted people, like the figure on the front, all of which started out as me. I turned my laptop camera on, posed in front of it, then pulled the frame to trace. I changed my body structure to be as generically female as I could (that is, except when I needed a man silhouette), and there we go!

I had to buy radishes (that ended up smelling terrible), send my roommate out for a kazoo, and turn a purple towel into a green skirt, but I ended up very happy with the result. The last story - Dust - is the most successful in my opinion. The artwork really adds to the story and it makes me happy every time I flip through the copy that lives on my desk.